About Us

A Better way to a Great Curly Hair Day!

We LOVE naturally curly hair.
We BELIEVE all natural hair textures are beautiful.  
We ENCOURAGE the use of all-natural products to maintain healthy hair.  

Our products are free from harmful chemicals, made from natural ingredients,  and not tested on animals.  

Lisa Keizer, Founder & CEO

Lisa's Story:  

I love everything hair. I always have. As far back as I can remember, I had a thing for brushing, styling, and braiding hair– mine, my sisters', my mom’s, my aunts', my friends,' my dolls.'  I earned the title Hair Police from my family quite early.  

I was 13 when I finally got the chemical relaxer for which I had begged my mother. It was waist length at the time, and I continued to relax and flat iron my hair throughout my adult life. I took pride in it and always wanted it to look healthy. I trimmed very often and could never seem to rid my hair of split ends. My hair never grew past bra strap length as an adult. It got shorter and shorter as the years went by. I would often reflect on when I used to have long hair.         

In 2011, my body screamed, “No more!". My entire hairline began to fall out, and my skin started to peel so severely that I needed medical attention. I was devastated!  

I knew for sure that this would be the last time I chemically relaxed my hair.  

I found the help and encouragement I needed online. Tutorials and tips on transitioning changed my life.  I transitioned for seven months before doing my Big Chop. I understand why this is a JOURNEY. So many emotions and a-ha moments; trying and failing, and working at it again. I fully embraced being natural. 

I began to research natural hair health, and even dug up an old notebook from 1987, in which I jotted down my goals!  On one page, I laid out a plan for becoming a fashion photographer. On the next, a plan to re-create my mother’s home remedies for hair care!

I learned a lot, took courses in cosmetic formulation, and got myself a good mentor.  I began formulating in my kitchen and fell in love with all things natural... UP NORTH NATURALS was born! Born and raised in Canada, I was inspired to have that reflected in my company name. 

Returning to natural hair has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My hair is healthy. I cannot find a single split end (although I do get those little knots at the ends). I trimmed my hair once last year because that’s all it needed. My hair is currently at waist length.   

When someone asks what I use in my hair, I am happy to say, “I use Up North Naturals.” I am so proud to offer you my line of all-natural hair products. I hope you love them as much as my family and I do. 

I encourage you to take the step and continue on the journey. You will not regret it.    We hope you love our products.