Lisa Keizer Founder Up North Naturals Inc.

A Better way to a Great Curly Hair Day!

We LOVE naturally curly hair.
We BELIEVE all natural hair textures are beautiful.  
We ENCOURAGE the use of all-natural products to maintain healthy hair.  

Our products contain only the best natural ingredients to cleanse, condition and style naturally textured hair.  Our products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Up North Naturals Inc. is a Canadian company founded by Lisa Keizer in 2015. 

"I set out to create GOOD products for myself and my family.” says Lisa. That’s exactly what she’s done. Her products have since spread far and fast, with a growing number of customers in Canada, the US and overseas.  

In just four short years, Up North Naturals is proud to be on the shelves of a major retailers in Canada and the US!  As the first Canadian, black-owned hair company to have this opportunity we are ecstatic and we acknowledge the Pioneers (black women entrepreneurs) that have gone before us.  

After raising millions of dollars, in over 18 years in the charitable and non-profit sector, Lisa still has a heart for the community, but is proud to be following her own passions, being her own boss, and providing the natural hair community with products they can trust.