Up North Naturals

About our brand headerOur curly hair products use natural ingredients to create glossy, well-defined curls. The hair care line includes styling lotions, edge control gel, conditioners and cleanser to help you establish a routine that keeps your hair naturally gorgeous.

Photo of Lisa Keizer - Founder of Up North Naturals

Our Founder's Story

Up North Naturals was founded by Lisa Keizer, a Toronto-based entrepreneur passionate about natural hair. Lisa started in her kitchen, researching and experimenting to create chemical free hair care products to repair hair and scalp damage that occurred after years of using relaxers. Previously, Lisa spent 18 years raising funds for charitable and non-profit organizations. Up North Naturals continues her community work by providing gentle, natural and effective hair products people can trust.

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Our hair care products are available at select Target locations in the U.S. as well as independent salon and beauty supply shops across North America. To bring Up North Naturals into your salon or beauty supply outlet, contact us.  See our retail locations.