Cold Weather Hair Care Tips

Cold Weather Hair Care Tips

The season is changing, and the temperature is dropping! For many naturally curly-haired folks, that means changing up their go-to hair care and styling routine. A few adjustments can make a big difference and keep hair hydrated and soft throughout the fall and winter seasons.

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Step-up your Conditioning Game
During colder months, the air is generally drier and lacks humidity, which can make curls and coils feel more dehydrated than usual. It's especially important to replenish hair moisture with an ultra-rich restorative like the TLC Replenishing Conditioner. To make the most of this conditioner, apply it in sections to thoroughly saturate hair. For a deep conditioning treatment, allow the formula to soak in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

After taking the time to condition hair, make sure to lock that moisture in. Individual hair types require different methods for the best results. However, most textured or naturally curly locks respond tremendously to the L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method. Try this technique with Up North Naturals' vegan hair products. 

LiquidGo-2 Hydrating Leave-in Hair Milk
Oil8-Oil Blend
CreamTwist & Curl Butter


    Protect Those Curls from Frost
    Air drying may be a great option to avoid heat damage, but with the brisk weather, you could risk freezing your curls! No matter how quickly you need to run out the door, try to avoid going outside with wet curls. Prepare hair for drying by using a microfibre towel or t-shirt. These options reduce damage and frizz compared to regular towels. Next, use a blowdryer on the low or cool setting to avoid heat damage.

    Use the Right Accessories
    Stylish hats and headbands are fall staples but opt for pieces with silk or satin lining to reduce friction. In a pinch, use a satin bonnet or scarf under your hat, and no one will even know!

    Make the Most of Protective Styling
    Sweaters and scarves are nice and cozy in the fall and winter but can wreak havoc on delicate ends. One of the best ways to avoid breakage is to tuck the ends of your hair away in a protective style. Experiment with styles like twists, braids or buns — you can find loads of hairstyle inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. 

    Here are some tips for an effective protective style:

    • Start with thoroughly moisturized hair.
    • Avoid styling hair too tight.
    • Maintain moisture levels while in protective styles by using the Freshen Up Hair Mist. This mist is the perfect lightweight moisturizer to give hair a quick moisture boost and soothe your scalp.

    We hope these techniques and tips keep your waves, curls and coils looking their best all season long!

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